The 4.8m seed only Evolution drill has a hopper capacity of 1,910 litres and comes with a full range of rear toolbar and seeding set-up options. The leading tine can also be swapped out for the LD lower disturbance set-up.  GPS speed sensing, electronically driven metering systems and a 4-channel drill computer are fitted as standard.  The M4 has a recommended minimum power requirement of 240 hp.

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  • Simple, solid design
  • Longlife tungsten carbide leading tines
  • Exact seed placement (wheels run on undisturbed ground)
  • Self levelling chassis grades soil and follows contours
  • Hydraulically controlled front disc toolbar option
  • Hydraulic/shim seed depth adjustment
  • Larger hopper to reduce downtime and increase output
  • 90 litre hopper option with venturi, toolbar or inter-row distribution
  • Quick-fit interchangeable seeding kits

Reduce costs

  • Unnecessary cultivations eliminated
  • Large fuel savings
  • Low running costs: minimal wearing
    and moving parts (under £2 per acre)
  • Low horsepower requirement and fuel use –
    approx. 50 hp/m
  • Rear toolbar dampening reduces
    component fatigue and improves
    transport comfort
  • Approx 1/3 cost of ploughing and ½
    cost of min-till

User friendly

  • Easy access, intuitive calibration
  • Easy-access toolbox incorporated into step frame
  • Quick change between different
    seeding set-ups
  • Highly manoeuvrable

Save time

  • Unncessary cultivations eliminated
  • Minimal, quick-fit wearing parts
  • Larger hopper to reduce downtime and increase output
  • Establishment time required approx 1/5 that of ploughing and
    ½ that of min-till


M4.8 Evolution

Small seeds

Medium seeds

Large seeds


Model Evolution M4.8
Daily output*: 36 ha
Minimum power requirement*: 240 hp
Road transport width: 2.98 m
Weight (standard unladen): 2,620 kg
Road transport height (standard): 2.18 m
Depth: 4.1 m
Seeding tines: 15
Linkage: CAT3/CAT4N
* typical / suggested  
Standard fit Evolution Toolbar M4.8
Seed distribution head with tramline valves: Standard
Leading tine & 180mm A shares: Standard
Double rear toolbar
(metal levelling boards & harrows):
Optional fit Evolution Toolbar M4.8
Second distribution head: Optional
Marker arms: Optional
Hydraulically controlled front disc toolbar: Optional
Stone protection: Optional
Low disturbance kit: Optional
Blockage sensors: Optional
Wheel scrapers: Optional


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