4.8m TerraBlade

The 4.8m TerraBlade can be used in all types of strip-seeded crops. Unique Claydon-designed tines operate at up to 30mm deep and can be adjusted to exert different pressures, depending on the requirements of different soil conditions. These blades are tungsten-carbide-faced and available in 125mm, 150mm, 175mm and 200mm sizes.

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Model 4.8m TerraBlade
Hourly output*: 2.4 ha/h
Minimum power requirement*: 48 hp
Forward speed*: 6 km/h
Working depth: 30mm
Road transport width: 2.62m
Road transport height: 2.47m
Weight: 500kg
Width: 4.99m
Height: 1.09m
Depth: 1.33m
Blades: 16


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