Hybrid T – Trailed Seed Drills

Hybrid T-Trailed Direct Seed Drills

Versatile, flexible, simple. Our Hybrid T-Trailed Seed Drills allow you to drill directly into stubble. Following consolidation, they can also be used to establish crops in min-tilled or ploughed land. The ground-breaking leading tine technology loosens compacted ground, introduces air into the soil and creates drainage and tilth for a perfect growing environment in the seeding and rooting zone.

Our range of trailed seed drills is available with a wide variety of front and rear toolbar options and seeding share and lower disturbance options – for every drilling scenario.

trailed seed drill


There are many factors affecting crop yields, weather and soil type are just two of the many variables. In our experience, and in reports we hear back from our customers, yields are maintained in comparison to previous establishment methods, or they are improved.

After harvest any chopped straw and crop residues need to be managed. Straw harrowing is a quick, easy and low-cost operation. A straw harrow will break up and disperse the residues and also help to reduce weed and slug populations. A second pass with the straw harrow will further break up residues and rake out weeds that have germinated. This operation also creates a nice, moist, tilthy soil which is a great medium in which to drill into. If you are new to Claydon drilling, an assessment of the field should be made of any drainage or compaction issues which could benefit from subsoiling, mole ploughing or renewed drainage.

The Claydon drill’s front tine aerates and loosens soil in the seeding and rooting zone. This alleviates a tight, compacted soil and encourages water to drain away from the seed.

The recommended speed is between 8-12 km/h