Hybrid M4RF

The M4RF rigid 4m Hybrid drill has a dual 2,100l hopper split 50:50 for applying fertiliser at time of seeding.   Choose to deliver fertiliser below the seed (front leading tine), above the seed (seeding share or LD twin tine) or split between the two locations.  The M4RF comes with a full range of rear toolbar and seeding set-up options and has recommended minimum power requirement of 200 hp.

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Design features of our mounted drills

  • High clearance
  • Simple, strong, lightweight design
  • Long-life tungsten carbide leading tines
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Levels fields, follows contours with soil grading chassis design
  • Double levelling tool bar for consolidation
  • Wheels run between the seeded rows to eliminate capping
  • Exact seed placement – wheels run on undisturbed ground
  • Easy calibration, intuitive controls

Reduce costs

  • Eliminate unnecessary cultivations
  • Large fuel savings
  • Low running costs: minimal wearing and moving parts (under £2 per acre)
  • Low horsepower requirement – approx. 50 hp/m
  • Approx 1/3 cost of ploughing and ½ cost of mintill
  • Quick, easy servicing of mounted drills – change wearing metal in minutes

User friendly

  • Simple to set up
  • Easy calibration, intuitive controls
  • Quick to swap in and swap out different seeding set-ups
  • Minimal wearing parts which are quickly changed

Save time

  • Remove unnecessary cultivations
  • Minimal wearing parts to change
  • Wearing parts and drilling set-ups quick to change
  • Approx 1/5 time of ploughing and ½ time of mintill



Model Hybrid M4RF
Daily output*: (ha) 30
Minimum power requirement*: (hp) 200
Road transport width: (m) 3.92
Weight: (kg) 2,510
Height:(m) 2.53
Depth:(m) 3.94
Hopper capacity: 2,100 (50:50: seed:fert)
Seeding tines: 13
Fan: Hydraulic
Artemis metering control: Standard
Tramlining: Standard
GPS variable seed rate: Optional
Pre-emergence markers: Optional
Marker arms: Optional
Front tines and 7” A shares: Standard
Double rear toolbar: Metal levelling boards/harrows standard (with options)
Stone protection: Optional
Blockage sensors: Optional
Microfertiliser (Artemis driver): Optional
Slug pelleter (Artemis driver) Optional
LD lower disturbance kit Optional

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