3m Straw Harrow

The 3m Straw Harrow is a perfect tool for pastures and meadowland. It levels and rakes out weeds whilst stimulating and aerating soil.

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  • Change the working angle to suit field conditions to ensure optimum tilth is achieved
  • Quickly ease off pressure in wet or green trashy areas to avoid blockages
  • Unique Claydon ‘wrap around’ design means the tines have no pressure points to snap
  • Claydon ‘wrap around’ design allows forwards speeds of up to 25kph
  • Turn on the headlands with the tines down in work to avoid trash build up; they won’t snap!
  • The ‘wrap around’ design allows the tines to vibrate and create optimum tilth
  • Claydon Straw Harrows are built to last. Their frame is designed to handle very high working speeds
  • Huge clearance created by 5 rows makes blockages unlikely
  • 50 vibrating tines engage the ground every 60mm ensuring the whole field is worked
  • All Claydon Straw Harrows fold down to under 3m for road transport
  • Lightboards and protection guards are fitted a standard


Model 3m Straw Harrow
Hourly output (at 20 km/h)(ha):* 4
Minimum power requirement (hp):* 60
Forward speed (km/h):* 15-25
Fuel usage (l/ha): 2
Road transport width (m): 3.00
Road transport height (m): 1.18
Weight (kg): 590
Pairs of 14mm tines (16mm optional): 25
Hydraulically adjustable depth wheels:
Lightboards and protection guards:
Tractor linkage: CAT 2 mounted

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