Hybrid M – Mounted Drills

Mounted Drills

Our range of Mounted Hybrid Seed Drills delivers on the promise of super-efficient strip tillage. The standard set up incorporates the Claydon leading in-line tine design which alleviates compaction and creates drainage and tilth in the seeding and rooting zone.  This leaves the profile of the soil intact and provides an ideal growing environment.

All mounted drill models benefit from a range of stand-out features with an integrated fertiliser option on the 3m and 4m rigid model. Versatile and flexible, drill direct into stubble, after ploughing or min-till or switch over to the LD kit for a minimal disturbance set-up.

3m fertiliser direct seed drill

Design features of our mounted drills

  • High clearance
  • Simple, strong, lightweight design
  • Long-life tungsten carbide leading tines
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Levels fields, follows contours with soil grading chassis design
  • Double levelling tool bar for consolidation
  • Wheels run between the seeded rows to eliminate capping
  • Exact seed placement – wheels run on undisturbed ground
  • Easy calibration, intuitive controls

Reduce costs

  • Eliminate unnecessary cultivations
  • Large fuel savings
  • Low running costs: minimal wearing and moving parts (under £2 per acre)
  • Low horsepower requirement – approx. 50 hp/m
  • Approx 1/3 cost of ploughing and ½ cost of mintill
  • Quick, easy servicing of mounted drills – change wearing metal in minutes

User friendly

  • Simple to set up
  • Easy calibration, intuitive controls
  • Quick to swap in and swap out different seeding set-ups
  • Minimal wearing parts which are quickly changed

Save time

  • Remove unnecessary cultivations
  • Minimal wearing parts to change
  • Wearing parts and drilling set-ups quick to change
  • Approx 1/5 time of ploughing and ½ time of mintill