New Twin Tine Kit Does The Business This Spring

May 18 2013

This spring Claydon have witnessed fantastic results with The new Twin Tine option for the Hybrid drill, which was developed in response to the extremely wet drilling conditions faced by farmers throughout Europe last autumn.

Thanks to the strip-till technique and the fact that the Claydon drill leaves an uncultivated strip between each seed row, this has helped support the tractor and drill and enabled Claydon drills to keep working in conditions where other drills have had to be parked up.

The original Dual-Tine system comprises a leading ground breaking tine with the second seeding tine following in line, distributing seed in a band. By comparison, with the new Twin-Tine Wet Weather kit the second seeding tine is replaced by two seeding tines which place the seed in a 30mm wide band running 75mm to each side of the slot created by the leading ground breaking tine.

The two seeding tines can be used over the same range of working depths as the conventional seeding tine and can be used for a wide range of seed types.
The advantage of the new Twin-Tine Wet Weather system is that the two tines create a fine tilth to surround the seed, but also create a shelf onto which the seed is placed, ensuring rapid, even germination. Being alongside the central ground breaking slot, this still provides the plant’s root system with unimpeded access to freely develop a strong, deep root structure. The narrow tine design ensures that the Twin-Tine Wet kit can operate in wet, heavy soils without smearing or pulling up large clods of soil and by ensuring that the seed slot is closed off, thus helping to reduce slug damage.

Many growers have utilised the option of the Twin Tine Seeding kit this spring and its enabled them to drill when clays are still wet. UK & Ireland Sales Manager Charlie Eaton stated: ‘The Twin Tine has worked fantastically well for our customers this spring and enabled them to drill when other direct seeding techniques simply couldn’t run. Providing soil temperatures are good, the drill can now create all the tilth and drainage the crop needs, even in poor conditions.’
Claydon are also receiving allot of interest in the Twin Tine Kit from farmers on lighter soils, Charlie Eaton continues: ‘Because the Twin Tine Kit is less aggressive than our traditional 7 Inch Coulter, it is opening up new markets for us with customers on lighter soils. We already have several new drills sold to light soil farmers in England, France and Scotland all fitted with the Twin Tine Kit.’

The new Twin-Tine Wet Weather kit can be used on all Claydon Hybrid drills and can be quickly and easily fitted to existing drills, providing current users with complete flexibility.

To discuss the twin tine option, please feel free to contact Charlie Eaton directly on 07584086065 or 01440820327

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