Jeff’s Journal – April 2021 – winter wheat catch crop update.

April 19 2021
Jeff's Journal April 2021 - Catch Crop Catch-up

Back in January’s Journal, Jeff took a look at the winter wheat trials, drilled with different set-ups on the Hybrid drill.

In this video diary, we revisit them to check on the different types of establishment and how they are coping with the very dry spring weather we are having again this year after a very wet winter.

The different drilling scenarios Jeff is looking at are:

1) Winter wheat drilled after beans with the standard Claydon front tine
2) Winter wheat drilled with the standard set-up into a catch crop of bean volunteers drilled with the same standard set-up
3) Winter wheat drilled with the LD low disturbance kit into a catch crop drilled with the LD kit
4) Winter wheat drilled with the standard front tine into a LD kit catch crop
5) Winter wheat drilled with a standard front tine set up after straw harrowed stubbles