Hybrid drill set-offs around the country

The Claydon team have been busy setting off Hybrid drills with new customers around the country, from north to south, east to west – this video shows a new Claydon customer establishing oil seed rape in the south west of England.

Among the reasons to switch to Claydon, farmers have stated that they want to achieve costs reductions, both in fuel, man hours and wearing parts.  They also want to profit from the longer-working window Claydon-drilling offers growers, so drilling can be done in optimum conditions when the time and the weather is right. This is becoming increasingly important as extreme weather events occur more frequently.

New customers also want to improve their soil structure and reduce compaction.  The Claydon front tine achieves this as it only loosens soil in the rooting and seeding zone, leaving banks of soil intact and able to support following machinery.

Click on the link below for our interactive map of customers sharing their experiences of why they changed to Claydon Opti-Till and the benefits it has brought them.  Testimonials from customers outside the UK to follow ..!