NutriSeeder applicator

The Claydon NutriSeeder applicator delivers small seeds and microgranules to three different outlets on Claydon Hybrid Drills.  This addition to the range of trailed drills means that individual, unblended seeds can be applied independently, providing even distribution across the field.

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The three point of delivery options are:

Venturi: for example when sowing a cover crop mix with a variable seed size an even distribution across the field is achieved

Toolbar: product is applied across the width of the rear toolbar on the drill, for example slug pellets

Inter-row: product is placed beside the sown crop in between the banded rows, for example with companion cropping

There are two models of NutriSeeder – one to fit the compact range of trailed Hybrid drills (T4, T4.8, T6c) and the other to fit the Hybrid T6 and T8.

The moulded plastic hopper has a 200-litre capacity. It is fully integrated into the hydraulics of the drill providing drive to the fan. The unit uses the Artemis electronic drill controller allowing calibration and full GPS variable rate control for all products. The hopper is fully sealed and pressurised providing accurate distribution for all products. Calibration is easy using the same procedure as the main drill and can be independently controlled from the drill controller in the tractor cab.

seed and granule applicator
Inter-row delivery between the sown crop
seed and granule applicator
Product delivery along rear toolbar

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