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The Claydon TerraStar, like the company’s Straw Harrow, creates an ideal shallow tilth which encourages volunteers and weeds, including blackgrass, to chit, while also assisting with stubble management, slug control, drainage and the incorporation of manures.

The TerraStar is fast and effective and incorporates a minimum of wearing parts, making for extremely low-cost operation.

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Moving more soil than the Claydon Straw Harrow, the TerraStar still leaves the soil structure intact as it plucks only divots from the top layer of soil leaving the profile undisturbed.

The 80mm² square divots are created by rotating “star” points fitted in a 200mm grid pattern to two knife bars on each side of the machine. These star points dig pockets of soil and create a fine tilth, levelling the field and leaving the soil surface largely intact to carry machines whilst encouraging volunteers and grass weeds to germinate and helping water to drain from the surface layer. The shallow tilth can then be moved by the Claydon Straw Harrow, breaking off germinating plants at the one-leaf stage, eliminating the need to spray while ground conditions allow harrowing.

The TerraStar’s depth wheels ensure precise depth control for multiple passes. The implement can be used as a mechanical weeder, reducing the need for glyphosate, making stubble management much easier and cutting slug populations.

The TerraStar is also ideal for mulching/incorporating crop or other residues and can be used to help level fields and produce more uniform seed beds, not only in unmoved soil, but behind any other cultivation equipment.

The TerraStar is fast and effective and, like the other machines in the Claydon range, incorporates a minimum of wearing parts, making for extremely low-cost operation. In addition to the standard TerraStar, there is an option to fit green following harrows on the rear and depth wheels.


TerraStar with toolbar
Hourly output (ha/h)*: 7 7
Minimum power requirement (hp)*: 150 150
Forward speed (km/h)*: 15 15
Road transport width (m): 2.89 2.89
Road transport height (m): 3.32 3.32
Weight (kg): 1,750 1,970
Width (m): 6.40 6.40
Height (m): 1.33 1.33
Depth (m): 3.28 3.58
Star points: 68 68

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