Ukrainian dealer and importer Technotorg continues to import Claydon machinery to supply their farming customers

Despite terrible war and conflict, Ukrainian dealer and importer Technotorg continues to import Claydon machinery to supply their farming customers.

During the next few days, the latest shipment to leave the Claydon Yield-o-Meter Limited factory in Suffolk will arrive in central Ukraine to help the country’s farmers establish a range of spring-sown crops, including sunflowers, soybeans, maize, and cereals. The first of many deliveries scheduled this year, the initial consignment comprises Claydon 4m T4 and 6m T6 trailed seed drills, the cornerstone of the company’s range of direct strip till machinery.

A consignment of Claydon drills leaving the company’s factory in Suffolk bound for Ukraine.

Claydon began exporting to Ukraine five years ago and in 2020 appointed Anatoliy Penzin as National Territory Manager to develop sales in this fast-growing market. Although it is currently impossible for Claydon staff to visit the country, Anatoliy, a Ukrainian national, continues to provide sales, practical and technical support to his distributor, Technotorg LLC, which is based in Mykolaiv, a town in the south of the country on the Southern Bug River and close to the Black Sea.

A T6 6m trailed drill working in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s agribusiness sector has been the most promising sector of the country’s economy*. Its 41.5 million hectares of agricultural land represent about 70% of the total area and make up 25% of the world’s reserves of black soil. Agriculture is the largest export industry and in 2020 generated approximately 9.3% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Crop farming accounts for 73% of agricultural output, with corn, wheat, and barley the main grain crops. In 2020 the gross grain harvest amounted to 65.4 million tons, three times the domestic market requirement. Oilseeds are the second most important subsector, the major oil crops being sunflower, soy, and rapeseed. In the mid-2000s, Ukraine developed a leading sunflower oil industry and became the world’s number one exporter of this product.

*Source: US International Trade Administration