Kornbo Maskin

Kornbo Maskin AB has been appointed sole distributor for Claydon Opti-Till® crop establishment products in Sweden and will now sell and support the full range of Claydon machinery across the country.

Located at Kornheddingev, 25km northeast of Malmo, Kornbo Maskin AB was formed in 1991 by three farmer friends, Bengt Jönsson, Håkan Olsson and Arne Andersson. An importer for several brands in the agricultural sector, the company works with a network of key sub-dealers throughout Sweden to ensure that its franchises achieve maximum visibility amongst potential customers. Known for seeding equipment, the business is quickly developing a reputation as a direct and strip seeding specialist.


David Ögren, Managing Director of Kornbo Maskin AB, in a field of Claydon drilled wheat in Sweden

David Ögren, Managing Director of Kornbo Maskin AB, states:

“We have known about the Claydon Opti-Till® System since 2012 and believe it is a valuable approach which can benefit our customers. Claydon had been selling equipment directly in Sweden for some time and the number of machines operating here proves that the product range is suitable for our wide range of conditions. Claydon products have many unique selling points and combined with their low running costs they allow our forward-thinking farmers to improve their businesses very quickly. It puts money back in their pockets.”

“Claydon products have many unique selling points and overall very low running costs. Their ability to improve the resilience of our customers’ businesses will be of great interest, particularly with owner operators and the younger generation of cereal farmers who are taking on new management roles. Since being awarded the franchise, we have received huge interest in all Claydon products, including the Straw Harrow, TerraStar light rotary cultivator and TerraBlade inter row hoe, all of which we believe will be gateway products to the mounted and trailed drills.

“We believe that there is a big opportunity here for Claydon products; it’s a tough market to sell in but has significant potential. A key challenge for us is to persuade farmers to consider changing how they establish their crops. Having good examples regionally allows potential customers to consider the idea much more easily.

“We have added a 3m Claydon Evolution drill to our demonstration fleet as it highlights the Opti-Till® system well, is easy to move between demonstration sites and will be attractive for owner operators. We also like the fact that the trailing kit can be retrofitted to a mounted machine. The mounted 4m fixed-width machine is another attractive offering for Swedish farmers. Most have 200hp tractors and like the idea of placing fertiliser when seeding. We also have Claydon TerraBlade inter-row hoe which has already generated enormous interest, largely due to the lack of efficacy of some herbicides and increasing popularity of organic farming.

“The demonstrations which we have carried out so far have been mainly in southern Sweden, in Skåne County, on the island of Gotland, in the East near Kalmar, and in the centre near Norrkoping, all of which have different weather conditions and soil types. To further develop interest in these innovative products we plan to take potential customers to the Claydon factory and farm this summer.”

Kornbo Maskin AB will be exhibiting Claydon products on Stand F-42 at this year’s Borgeby Field Day (www.borgebyfaltdagar.se) on 28 and 29 June. For further details about the Claydon Opti-Till® System and product range go to www.kornbomaskin.se contact Kornbo Maskin AB on 046-24 65 10 or email david@kornbomaskin.se