The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) has announced that it will again be awarding Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) grants this year, with the Application Portal now open.

As per previous years of the FETF grant, Claydon machinery is eligible for funding.

Applications can be made from now until 17 April 2024 for productivity and slurry items. This application window will close at midday on 17 April 2024

How do you apply?

The RPA website provides details of the FETF grants available. Applications are made online via the FETF Application Portal which will be opening soon.

It is worth noting that this year the grants are also available to contractors and they will be split into three application windows during 2024. If you are not successful on the first application then you can apply in another window.

The awarding of grants is competitive, so applicants will not automatically receive one and early application is advised.

For 2024 the eligible grant items have a scoring system, grants will be awarded to the highest scoring applicants first, more details online.  Please contact your local dealer to find out more about Claydon machinery eligibility.