Claydon Opti-Till® Overview

Claydon Opti-Till® Overview

An overview of the Claydon Opti-Till® system including stubble management and weed control machinery (straw harrows and TerraStar) and Claydon mounted and trailed drills – the heart of the system.

Claydon Drills are designed to be used for direct strip-till drilling, but can also be used in ploughing and min-till scenarios after soil has been consolidated.

The versatile Claydon drill can be fitted with a range of seeding share, fertiliser, consolidation and low disturbance options to suit the requirements of farmers in different regions and countries who are establishing a range of crops on diverse soils in varied climates across the globe.

The Claydon Opti-Till® system reduces establishment costs and improves soil health. It’s good for the environment and maximise yields.

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