With a total capacity of 2750 litres, split 45/55%, the Evolution Front Hopper is pressurised to ensure reliable high-volume material delivery to the rear distribution heads.

Twin metering units deliver either mixed or separated seed/fertiliser flows to the rear-mounted drill, a simple airline box selector diverting the flow of material to the distribution pipes or combining the total output into one pipe.

An ISOCAN terminal controls all front hopper functions and allows variable rate seeding, depending on the task controller and licence key.

ISOBUS compatible, the Evolution Front Hopper is supplied with small, medium or large diameter interchangeable metering wheels to suit a wide range of seeds and fertilisers.

Weighing 730kg, it measures 2476mm wide, 1803mm high and 1619mm long, incorporates two hopper sensors providing ‘low level’ and ‘empty’ warnings, work lights, two road vision cameras, a toolbox and foldable front footstep.

Options include 550kg of ballast, plus packer wheels with passive steering and wheel scrapers.

Front hopper