Hybrid T3

The 3m Hybrid T3 is configured by fitting a trailing kit to the 3m mounted Hybrid M3 or M3F drills and can be retrofitted. Flexible and manoeuvrable, this little workhorse is capable of high output establishment.

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Design features

  • Large residue clearance
  • Follows contours with centrally mounted depth wheels.
  • Levels fields with ground levelling chassis design.
  • Double levelling tool bar for consolidation
  • High grip with up to 50% weight transfer to tractor.
  • Large cleated tyres ensure light travel over fields.
  • No capping: depth wheels run on undisturbed soil.
  • Constant seed depth from very solid sprung seed tines.
  • Hydraulically adjustable depth control.
  • Targeted fertiliser options.

Reduce costs

  • Eliminate unnecessary cultivations
  • Large fuel savings
  • Minimal moving and wearing parts
  • Low wearing parts costs (approx. £2 per acre)
  • Low horsepower requirement (approx. 50-65 hp per meter)
  • Long-life tungsten carbide leading times.
  • Approx 1/3 of cost of ploughing and ½ cost of mintill

Easy to use

  • Robust, simple drill design
  • Easy calibration – intuitive controls
  • Quick fit seeding option

Save time

  • Eliminate unnecessary cultivations
  • Minimal moving and wearing parts to change
  • Quick fit seeding shares and boots
  • Approx 1/5 time of ploughing and ½ time of mintill



Drill typeHybrid T3 fertHybrid T3
Daily output*: (ha)2020
Minimum power requirement*: (hp)150150
Road transport width: (m)33
Weight: (kg)2,9682,768
Height: (m)2.452.75
Depth: (m)3.43.4
Hopper capacity:2,100 (50:50 seed:fert)1,750
Seeding tines:99
Artemis metering control:StandardStandard
GPS variable seed rate:OptionalOptional
Pre-emergence markers:OptionalOptional
Marker arms:OptionalOptional
Double rear toolbar:Metal boards & harrows (options available)Metal boards & harrows (options available)
Stone protection:OptionalOptional
Fertiliser placement with seed or below:OptionalN/A
Front toolbar:Cutting disc standard (press wheel option)
Cutting disc standard (press wheel option)
Blockage sensors:OptionalOptional

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