6m TerraBlade

The 6m TerraBlade is built around a heavy-duty box section steel frame comprising a fixed centre section and two vertically folding wings. It operates effectively in the heaviest soils. Its unique Claydon-designed tines can be infinitely adjusted to suit any row width, making them suitable for use in any band sowing system. Unique Claydon-designed tines operate at up to 30mm deep and can be adjusted to exert different pressures, depending on the requirements of different soil conditions. These blades are tungsten-carbide-faced and available in 125mm, 150mm, 175mm and 200mm sizes.

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  • Contour-following 125mm, 150mm, 175mm or 200mm blades
  • Tungsten carbide-faced for longer wear-life, running deeper even in hard, dry conditions
  • Adjust pressure to suit variations in soil types and conditions
  • Infinite adjustment to suit any row width for use in any band-sowing system
  • Upturned wing design ensures positive cutting action across full width of blade and keeps shape for longer
  • Upturned wing design reduces soil-throw
    TerraBlade 125mm BladeTerraBlade 150mm BladeTerraBlade 175mm BladeTerraBlade 200mm Blade
  • Heavy-duty box section steel frame
  • Built to last
  • Simple design avoids unnecessary complexities
  • Low wearing part and operational costs


Model6m TerraBlade
Hourly output*:3 ha/h
Minimum power requirement*:60 hp
Forward speed*:6 km/h
Working depth:30mm
Road transport width:2.35m
Road transport height:2.60m

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